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Item #128   

Foxboro Century OVA 128

Sales, Rentals 1-614-846-1900 USA RENT OR PURCHASE. The FOXBORO Century OVA-128 is a portable, self- contained FID suitable for direct measurement of hydrocarbons. Audible alarms, battery operated and intrinsically safe (Class 1, Div. 1, Groups ABC&D). Uses high purity (99.999%) hydrogen as fuel gas. Measures 0-1000 ppm total hydrocarbons. Includes: Sidepack, Probe, Battery Charger, Shoulder Carrying Strap, Tool Kit, Instruction Manual, Close Area Sampler, Carrying Case. Please call 1-614-846-1900 for details.
Reconditioned Price:  $3,999.00   

Category: FID Flame Ionization Detectors : Rental Item,,

Foxboro Century OVA 128

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