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Item #1ACVF20   

Foxboro Miran 1A-CVF with 20m cell

Sales, Rentals 1-614-846-1900 USA RENT OR PURCHASE. The FOXBORO MIRAN 1A CVF with 20 metre gas cell is a general purpose, variable wavelength, infrared gas analyzer. Designed for ambient analysis of gases or vapors which absorb infrared energy in the infrared region of 2.5 to 14.5 microns. Cell pathlength adjusts from 0-20 metres in 13 increments enabling adjustment for sensitivity. Analog display and 0-1 V dc recorder output. Measures in absorbance units (AU) or in transmission (%T). Weighs 30 pounds. Also available with cuvette cell. Includes: Instrument, manual, case, sampling wand & zeroing cartridge. Please call 1-614-846-1900 for details.
Reconditioned Price:  $6,995.00   

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Foxboro Miran 1A-CVF with 20m cell

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